Proposed Site Location

The site we are hoping to use for the Cheshire Dog Park is on Waterbury Road next to Artsplace.
The proposed site will be a little under 4 acres.

Visibility Being that this location is situated along a popular route, more people will know of its location

Location Easy to get to.

Safety With Art's Place and people passing by, one doesn't need to worry about being the first, or only one, there.

No Impact Being located on route 70 means NO increase in traffic to our local neighborhoods.

Neighbors Public Works, Art's Place & The Cornerstone Church. Not a residential home within sight!

Availability This parcel of land is available and not used by any other groups.

Accessibility Since parking will be available in front of the fence, elderly & disabled can gain access easily.

Dedicated Since this will be a dog park only, dog owners will be likely to use this location rather than the other sports fields in town, i.e. no poop in the playing fields!